Some weekends are for pizza and pajamas; other weekends are for dressing up and getting food from somewhere special. If this weekend feels like the latter, give MU Restaurant a try! 

MU serves Thai-inspired food made with fresh ingredients. And while it feels high-end, the prices are quite affordable! Keep reading to learn more about this great restaurant in Redlands, California.

A Philosophy of Fresh Authenticity

First of all, the vibe in MU is really cool. As they themselves describe it, “MU Restaurant, Martini Bar, & Lounge offers modern cuisine with an ethnic flair, craft cocktails with an ambience to fit any occasion.”

There’s an atmosphere of authenticity and care, which all comes down to the philosophy behind MU: “Make Thai inspired food with local ingredients.” Daranee Muongpruan, who runs the restaurant, goes to the Los Angeles fish market at 4:00 a.m. to make sure each dish is made with the freshest ingredients.

Bringing Thai Flavors to Redlands, California

Muongpruan founded MU in 2006. She initially focused on the business side of things, but that eventually changed. 

“Little by little, she found herself wanting to tweak the menu,” the website explains. “At one point, her chef told her that since she knows how to do everything else in the restaurant, she might as well learn how to cook and see how the food is really put together. This was especially impactful on her philosophy as a restaurateur.”

Now, she and her chef take inspiration from her native Thailand while presenting dishes with a modern flair.

A Thai-Inspired, Modern Menu

Now that we’ve learned a little about the story behind the food, let’s take a look at the food itself:

  • Pad see ew (pictured at the top of this article) is a delicious bowl of pan-fried flat rice noodles with egg and broccoli.
  • Bo luc lac features cured steak (yum!) stir-fried in onion, peppers, and sauce, served with salad, tomatoes, and a side of citrus onion sauce.
  • Duck noodle soup gives you roasted duck, rice noodles, bean sprouts, shiitake mushrooms, and baby bok choy in a bowl of duck broth. 
  • For dessert, there is purple yam ice cream, Malaysian crepes, and other tasty options.

Next time you’re in Redlands, give MU Restaurant a try. Their delicious dishes at affordable prices are sure to make for a memorable experience. And if you decide you really like MU and want to live closer, consider moving to Countrywood Apartment Homes. We have one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments in Redlands, California.

Image courtesy of Mu Restaurant.