All apartment communities have different and unique personalities, just like families do. Some tend to be closer to a collective subculture of recluses while others are more open to having block parties. Regardless of the vibe in your neighborhood, there are still rules of basic etiquette that apply to all. Here are some tips:

Keep the Noise to a Minimum 

If you live in an apartment building, do not run around screaming at the top of your lungs in the middle of the night. If you live on a farm in the middle of nowhere, Nebraska, then sure, yell until the cows come home. But if your neighbors live on the other side of your walls, be courteous by taking your band practice elsewhere.

Don’t honk your horn every time you pull into the apartment parking lot. There’s no need. If you’re trying to get a hold of someone in the apartment, use your cell phone. Or, if you’re picking that special someone up for a date, maybe show your apartment neighbors how classy you are and knock on the door.

Keep Your Space Appealing

Here’s a fact: when you don’t take care of the outside of your property, whether it be the area designated as your front porch, or even the apartment parking lot, it diminishes the collective property value of your complex. No one likes to see junk around, so keep it clean and throw that trash away.

There is a place for toys, skateboards, bicycles, and other fun amenities, but that place is not in front of your doorway or on your patio. Keep your “curb appeal,” well, appealing for all of those walking by.

Also, if you see something that needs to be repaired, let the service team know so they can make the repair!

Smile and Wave to your Neighbors

You don’t have to be an extrovert to be a good neighbor, but it is advisable to at least introduce yourself to them. Show them you’re friendly and that you’re a contributing member of society. You’d be surprised just how far a single smile and wave can go, as well.

When you make an effort to be a friendly neighbor, you will also feel better about your environment. The neighborhood will look more beautiful, and more than likely, you’ll be more content at your home.