While we are all required to stay at home amid the coronavirus pandemic, there are still ways to keep ourselves amused and beat the pandemic blues. Here are five ways to protect your sanity during the quarantine.

Read that Book

We all have a list of books we’ve been meaning to read. Well, now that you’re stuck in your house, it’s probably the best time to sit down and open up those pages. You can even get your comfy robe out and pour yourself a glass of something special. Perhaps you can join a book club or two? There are plenty of them out there willing to meet over Zoom or Skype.

Watch that Series

Now is the perfect time to cuddle up, relax, and finish that TV series that you’ve always wanted to watch. Catch up on those long-overdue movies that you’ve missed. Take advantage of the free trials for Stan, Amazon Prime, HeyU, and many other streaming platforms. Enjoy the most of it; you’ll never know when you can have the time again.

Play that Game

Playing games isn’t restricted to any one age—you just need to choose the best game that each family member could enjoy. There are plenty of family and party games to choose from, and many are available to play online—for free or purchase alike.

Clean that Room

Being productive while under quarantine is something we can still achieve. (Afterall, think about how often you’ve cleaned your room when you should have been focused elsewhere.) Cull your cupboards and pantry, sort through old clothes, or even rearrange your furniture.

Work that Body

Gyms may be closed, but we can still work out from home, even without all of the weights and machines. Go for a run to get in your cardio, then come home for a session of squats, push-ups, and lunges.

The quarantine will not last forever, but it will last for a while. In order to get through this, you need to start establishing habits and activities that will carry you through. Who knows: this could be just the incubation period you needed all along!