When you love your pet or are looking to adopt one, the struggle to find the right home is real. Not all rental communities allow pets, and not all those that do offer what you need for your furry/feather/scaly friend to be happy.

That’s why we are so pleased to be a pet-friendly apartment community! Pets can help our residents live happier lives, and there’s a whole variety of animals that they can choose from to welcome to their home. Plus, we have an on-site dog park and other great dog parks nearby. Keep reading to learn more about pets at Countrywood.

The Benefits of Pets

On top of simply being fun, pets also bring physical and emotional health benefits. They can bring comfort and support and help with mindfulness and pain management. But there’s not a one-size-fits-all pet for all situations.

“Is your goal to increase physical activity? Then you might benefit from owning a dog,” says Dr. Layla Esposito, who oversees NIH’s Human-Animal Interaction Research Program. “If your goal is reducing stress, sometimes watching fish swim can result in a feeling of calmness.”

Great Dog Parks Here and Nearby

We love that we can offer our residents a dog park at our community! It’s a fenced grassy area, great for our residents’ dogs to stretch their legs and make new friends. And there’s a comfortable bench set up for you to relax and watch your dog play.

For a change of scenery, there are several great dog parks in our area. The Redlands Dog Park is just a five-minute drive away and has two separate fenced areas and water bowls available for when your dog gets parched! There’s also the Loma Linda Dog Park, only a 10-minute drive away, with plenty of grass and shade trees and a waste disposal area to keep things clean.

Pet Guidelines

We love animals at Countrywood Apartments, so we are glad to be able to welcome pets up to 50 pounds. Here are some other things to keep in mind when it comes to animals at our apartment community:

  • Cats are allowed.
  • Small pets like hamsters, guinea pigs, birds, and reptiles must be caged and kept in a sanitary condition.
  • Additional or other pets must be approved by the management.

While outside of your apartment with your dog, we ask that you keep your dog on a leash. We also have Pet Waste Stations located throughout the community, making it easy to pick up after your pet!

Having a pet brings physical and emotional health benefits, and there’s a whole variety of animals that our residents can choose from to welcome into their homes. We hope your pets make it even easier to live happy at Countrywood!